Walk 1. Walking on Lindisfarne with sound artist Chris Watson

Walk 2. Walking in Belfast with Bill Rolston: the Peace Lines

Walk 3. Walking in Belfast with sociologist Bob Miller

Walk 4. Walking in Belfast with Sandra Baillie: social justice, faith and belonging

Walk 5. Walking In Belfast with Michael Conlon

Walk 6. Walking in the city with Faye: from a Direct Access Hostel to a Special Place

Walk 7: Walking with Kerry Porth at the Missing Women’s Memorial Walk in Vancouver

Walk 8. Walking with digital sociologist Mark Carrigan at the University of York

Walk 9: Walking with Photographer John Perivolaris in Chios

Walk 10. Walking with sociologist Linda Connolly in Cork.

Walk 11. Walking with artist Clare Qualmann

Walk 12. Walking with sociologist and filmmaker Nick Mai in Soho

Walk 13. Walking with filmmaker and academic Jan Haaken in London: Feminists Walking the City

Walk 14. Walking with Criminologist David Honeywell in York

Walk 15. Walking with Rosie Campbell and Shelly Stoops in Liverpool: Sex Work, Violence, Hate Crime and Resilience

Walk 16. Walking with Dee Heddon: Walking through Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow